Citizen science: The Milky Way Project classifies 1M images + New Kepler data for Planet Hunters

The Milky Way Project at the Zooniverse citizen science site has accomplished a lot in a short time: 1,000,000 Classifications and 7 Languages – The Milky Way Project

The Milky Way Project has now passed one million classifications since its relaunch a few months ago. The project is currently 75% complete, meaning there are still many, many images left to classify. Which is fine because in fact the project has become truly international lately – with citizen scientists around the world now able to participate in English, Spanish, German, French, Indonesian, Polish and Danish. There are more languages on the way too!


The Kepler Observatory was severely crippled last year due to the failure of a reaction wheel needed to maintain the pointing precision of the space telescope. The Kepler K2 recovery plan will return the observatory to planet finding by taking advantage of solar radiation pressure to maintain the pointing alignment.

This is good news for the Planet Hunters citizen science program, which will now get a stream of new data from the space observatory: Welcome to the Era of K2 – Planet Hunters