Space policy roundup – May.30.14 [Update]

As he explained in the book Safe Is Not An Option and discussed in a USA Today article recently, Rand Simberg is campaigning for astronaut safety to be put into its proper perspective. A decision to push forward on a dangerous and difficult frontier is a decision to make that frontier more important than safety. He has opened a petition to Congress to push forward on the dangerous and difficult space frontier :

[ Link change: Rand  decided it was best to move the petition to this page: Safety Cannot Be The Highest Priority In NASA Spaceflight – Safe Is Not An Option


The Onion reports on introducing realism into Space Camp : Modernized Space Camp Allows Kids To Simulate Frustration Over Lack Of Funding – The Onion.

More space policy/politics related links:

[ Update:



The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Wednesday, 5-28-14 – Thespaceshow’s Blog –  Batchelor and David Livingston talk with John Logsdon, former head of the GWU Space Policy Institute, about “U.S.-Russia space cooperation, NASA, RD180 engines, GPS, & more”.

Wed 5/28/14 Hr 3 | John Batchelor Show –  – Bob Zimmerman (guest 4) reports on space news and policy

Thurs 5/29/14 Hr 3 | John Batchelor Show – Bob Zimmerman (guest 3) gives another update on space news and policy