Space elevator newsletter + Solar sail update + Mars One update

The International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) has a new edition of this newsletter out today: ISEC e-Newsletter – May.2014.

In this issue’s President’s Corner, ISEC President Dr. Peter Swan talks about the importance of Involvement – getting active with ISEC and Space Elevator activities.  ISEC has many activities ongoing and we can always use volunteers.  If you are interested, please email Dr. Swan at

Also in this issue, we announce the release of the latest ISEC study; this on Design Considerations for Space Elevator Tether Climbers.  The latest in a series of these studies, this one concentrates on how a Tether Climber might operate and is a “must-read” for all those who take an active interest in space elevator technologies.

Dr. Swan also represented ISEC at the recent NSS/ISDC Conference in Los Angeles – more details are shown elsewhere in this eNewsletter.


Here’s a status report on solar sail projects such as the Sunjammer Mission (to launch in 2015) : Are Solar Sails the Future of Space Travel? –


And here is the latest Mars One newsletter: Mars One Astronaut Selection Process: The Next Steps