Sci-Tech: LPP focus fusion project crowd-funds final phase of research

I’ve occasionally blogged about the focus fusion project at Lawrenceville Plasma Physics. With very modest funding they have made solid progress with experiments that seek to demonstrate that their approach can produce aneutronic fusion power in a relatively small system.

To support the completion of the project, they have opened a crowd-funding campaign : FOCUS FUSION: emPOWERtheWORLD – Indiegogo

We need to raise $200,000 to fund the purchase of new electrodes for the final phase of research, to prove that Focus Fusion works.  And with your help, we can make this incredible breakthrough a reality!

Here is the video for the campaign:

One thought on “Sci-Tech: LPP focus fusion project crowd-funds final phase of research”

  1. I contributed $25 to it a couple of weeks ago. Come on everybody. Join in!

    Success is not assured even with full funding, but what the hell. Felt like I could spare a few bucks.

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