Space policy update – May.14.14

Space policy/politics links:

GOP Congressman Wants To Block Elon Musk From Competing In Space – Greg Autry/Forbes

“Paring down the number of competitors will help things along greatly because the funding won’t be split.”

Query: To which Party and State would might you attribute the above market-bashing quote? California Democrat? Independent from Vermont? Surprisingly, this socialist missive comes from the staff of a Conservative Texas Republican.


Of course, what Mr. La Branche and his Congressional boss would really like to eliminate is that most inconvenient of competitors, the entrepreneur. And the very worst manifestation of entrepreneurial pestilence is, of course, California’s notorious Elon Musk.


Frankly, DragonRider could fly to the ISS next month if it were subject to the same expectations of safety as NASA’s Space Shuttle. A truly conservative response to Mr. Rogozin would be to announce that the United States is ready to move a DragonRider launch forward without further testing, send eight Navy Seals to the ISS and “liberate” our space station from Russia’s state capitalist squatters.


Tues 5/13/14 Hr 1 –  John Batchelor Show – Bob Zimmerman is the first guest. He discusses the Russian – US dispute over the RD-180 engines, ISS, etc.

Dr. John Jurist, Friday, 5-9-14 – Thespaceshow’s Blog – Dr. Jurist discusses “space program related medical & biotechnical advances, spinoffs, human spaceflight”. 

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  1. ““If we do not have this capability to fly beyond our planet to explore on a government rocket — something that is way too expensive for a commercial company to do — we don’t need KSC anymore,” Cabana said during a May 13 speech to the National Space Club Florida Committee here.” KSC director
    And the B.S. continues to fly around represented as iron-clad fact.

    1. Yep, I’m sure similar BS is spread continully around Huntsville about SLS being essential to the survival of MSFC and the Alabama economy

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