John G. Cramer on Space Drives

Professor John G Cramer, a theoretical physicist at the Univ. of Washington, has had a column for many years in the magazine Analog Science Fiction & Fact in which he writes about topics at the leading edge of science and beyond. His latest column is about two concepts for propellantless propulsion systems and some intriguing experimental results: Is It Space Drive Time – Alternate View/Analog.

Here are some resources :

Here is a video of the talk – Exotic Paths to the Stars – by John G. Cramer at the Starship Century Symposium in June 2013 (see post here):

Gary Hudson, of the Space Studies Institute, gave a talk at NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Symposium (see post here) in which he discussed (starting at aound 1:17:30 into the video) of SSI’s support for Woodward’s research.

Robert Winglee,  David Wettergreen, & Gary Hudson
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