Misc: Space elevator newsletter & conf. + Growing plants in low gravity + The 1st geocache

Some miscellaneous items I’ve had in my queue:

I recently got the  International Space Elevator Consortium‘s latest update in my email box  : ISEC Newsletter – April.2014

The ISEC Space Elevator Conference will be held August 22-24 at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.


The German space agency DLR is planning an interesting mission to test the growing of plants in gravity less than earth’s by using the rotation of a spacecraft to provide centrifugal force to provide artificial gravity. It will spin

The experiment involves use of bacteria and algae that will convert synthetic urine into fertilizer to promote the growth of tomato plants. Variations in rotational speed around its longitudinal axis will simulate lunar and Martian gravity.


The first of the two greenhouses will operate under lunar conditions over the first six months, while the second greenhouse will operate in a Martian environment for the following six.

This project will run for a year, after which the satellite will reenter the Earth’s atmosphere.


Geocaching has become a popular worldwide GPS game and hobby. There is a special plaque to mark the very first geocache: Ow.ly – image uploaded by @GoGeocaching

Owly Images