Doug Turnbull interviews Mars One volunteers + Reads from new novel

Science fiction writer Doug Turnbull has a weekly podcast program in which he reports on space news highlights, interviews guests, and reads from his books. He recently has been interviewing Mars One expedition candidates and he also just started reading his latest novel, Zachary Dixon. Thus far it has a Robert Heinlein scenario and style to it that I like.

(BTW: Mars One just posted their latest newsletter: Mars One Begins Work on Simulation Mars Home for Crew.)

Here are the four most recent podcasts, which include the start of the Zachary Dixon novel:

Episode XLVII – Mars One Second Round volunteer Anderson Wilder + beginning of the novel Zachary Dixon.

*Episode XLVIII – Mars One Second Round volunteer and data architect Dan Carey + 2nd installment of the novel Zachary Dixon.

Episode XLIX – Part 2 of interview with Dan Carey +  3rd installment of  Zachary Dixon.

Episode L – Mars One volunteer and US Army Chemical Defense officer, Heidi Beemer + 4th installment of Zachary Dixon.