Update on the mystery of the skydiver and the meteorite

Earlier in the month I posted about a Skydiver imaging a meteoroid flying past him during jump. However, analysis of the images by astronomer Phil Plait made it more likely it was just a rock that had gotten bound up in the parachute during its packing and had fallen out when the chute unfurled.

Now comes a much more detailed study that confirms the latter conclusion: Forensic Ballistics: How Apollo 12 Helped Solve the Skydiver Meteorite Mystery – The Planetary Society

One thought on “Update on the mystery of the skydiver and the meteorite”

  1. Back in my young a crazy days, I once inadvertently packed some dirt & rocks into my parachute. It looked much like the video the next time I opened it. Any other interpretation of the Norwegian video was silly.

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