Zooniverse passes one million citizen science volunteers

Congratulations to Zooniverse on gaining their one millionth volunteer for their many citizen science projects after starting seven years ago : One Million Volunteers – Zooniverse

This map shows the global distribution of volunteers.

Here’s a list of scientific publications resulting from Zooniverse activities:  Zooniverse Publications.

A posting on the Planet Hunters blog about the milestone : 15 percent of 1 million – Planet Hunters

This accomplishment is yours too. Our estimate is over 280,000 people world wide (unregistered and registered volunteers) have participated in Planet Hunters. 150,000 registered Zooniverse volunteers have classified at least one Planet Hunters light curve. Roughly 15% of the 1 million registered Zooniverse volunteers have contributed to Planet Hunters science. That’s a huge representation! 

2 thoughts on “Zooniverse passes one million citizen science volunteers”

  1. Really interesting Clark, thanks​!​

    I think that you would be really interested in some recent research that I have come across explaining crowds, open innovation, and citizen science.​ ​In particular I feel you may find these two emerging pieces of research very relevant:

    – The Theory of Crowd Capital

    – The Contours of Crowd Capability

    And you may also enjoy this blog about the same too:

    Powerful stuff, no?

  2. Thanks for the references. It will definitely be interesting to see how the citizen science, crowd-funding and similar group endeavors develop.

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