Disk Detective: Search for star systems with planet-forming debris

Zooniverse  has opened a new citizen science program called Disk Detective:

Scientists are combing our galaxy looking for stars that could be harbouring planet-forming disks. They need your help to explain this puzzling part of stellar evolution!

What is WISE looking for?

WISE is a NASA mission surveying the whole sky in infrared. This project is looking at stars to find dusty debris disks, similar to our asteroid field. These disks suggest that these stars are in the early stages of forming planetary systems. Learning more about these stars can tell us how our Solar System formed.

How will my contribution help?

Computers often confuse debris disks around stars with other astronomical objects. We need your help to sort out what stars actually have these disks from Galaxies and Nebulae.

Read about the project here: Disk Detective: The Newest Astronomy Citizen Science Project – astrobites