Sci-Tech: Lockheed-Martin fusion reactor project points to an interesting talk given at the Solve for X forum about a Lockheed-Martin  Skunkworks project about which I believe little has been revealed previously. In the video below,  Charles Chase of L-M discusses their compact nuclear fusion reactor design, which he believes could lead to a working 100MW prototype reactor in 5 years and go into commercial production by 2022. Charles Chase on energy for everyone – Moonshots – Solve for X.

He tells what the design does, i.e. it uses tritium-deuterium, creates a high beta configuration, provides very good containment and stability but unfortunately he gives no details on how exactly it does these things. I hope the reason he is now able to discuss this in a public forum is because they are in the process of publishing scientific papers on it but we will just have to wait and see.

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  1. The best part about this line of research would be the half-decade fast transition from prototype to manufactured production model, as Mr. Chase of LockMart stresses. And we get a result either way faster, saving R&D dollars.
    Because the ITER slide is flipped, the ‘little guy’ added for scale is in the lower *left* corner of the reactor, not the right. 🙂
    -Spike MacPhee

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