ISS astronauts on EVA to install new cooling system pump

Astronauts  Rick Mastracchio and  Mike Hopkins are now outside the ISS installing the spare pump in the cooling system. It is the second of perhaps three spacewalks needed to fix the system. (See earlier post on the first EVA last Saturday.) So far they have mechanically installed the pump and are now reconnecting the ammonia lines to the pump.

They had difficulty disconnected one line from a temporary jumper box. After they finally disconnected it, there was venting of ammonia as small snowflakes, some of which got on their suits. They will have to go through a decontamination procedure before they reenter the airlock. This could mean shortening the spacewalk.

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[ Update: The astronauts finished their EVA and they also completed the repairs to the cooling system. So a third EVA will not be needed:


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Some images of the astronauts moving the spare pump into place:

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