Radio Galaxy Zoo – search for supermassive black holes in your spare time

Zooniverse announces a new spinoff of the citizen science program Galaxy Zoo called Radio Galaxy Zoo –

Earlier this year, Galaxy Zoo expanded to include the infrared. Now Radio Galaxy Zoo involves looking at galaxies in yet another light. This time we are asking you to match huge jets – seen in radio emission – to the supermassive black holes at the centre of the galaxy that produced them. This requires looking at the galaxies in infrared and radio wavelengths. These galaxies are nothing like our own, and your classifications will allow scientists to understand the causes of these erupting black holes and how they affect the galaxy surrounding them.

Get involved now at – and have fun discovering black holes in our Universe.

More at Welcome to Radio Galaxy Zoo! – Galaxy Zoo

This is a matching & recognition problem that humans are still best at,especially in cases where there are radio jets or multiple sources. And it’s an important task, one that will only become more important as the next generation of radio surveys and instruments come online and start producing enormous amounts of data. So if you’re willing to help, please try out the new Radio Galaxy Zoo and help find some growing black holes — and thank you!

Example image with radio jets and infrared galaxies
Can you see the infrared galaxy between the radio jets?