Latest on Comet ISON

Comet ISON has gotten much brighter recently (see posts here and here). It’s visible with binoculars and in some conditions by naked eye. Updates on visibility can be found at:

Rick Boozer tells me that he saw it today:

Caught my first sighting of Comet ISON about 1.5 4.5 degrees below and to the left of Spica this morning at about 5:50 AM with my binos from fairly light polluted home in Greer, SC.  Saw coma and brightest part of tail pointing away from the direction of the Sun.  If I had been at my weekend home in the NC mountains, I think I could have seen it naked eye.  Weather was too bad this past weekend to try it at NC.

Also, Mercury was very bright below and to the left of the comet.

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