Richard Feynman on rubber bands, mirrors, and other adventures

This  short video (via GeekPress) is a great example of the late Richard Feynman‘s extraordinary eloquence in explaining scientific phenomena. Whether it was a basic or advanced physics topic, he could turn it into a marvelously vivid adventure:

Can’t resist posting another one:

And here is the first of a set of videos in which he discusses “The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out”:

More Feynman videos are available at

He taught an introductory physics course at Caltech in the early 1960s and out of that effort came a famous set of lectures in which he illuminated aspects of fundamental physics far beyond standard introductory textbooks. The lectures are now available on line: The Feynman Lectures on Physics

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  1. I have both audio and book copies of those lectures, including the so-called “lost lecture” (for a long time it was thought there were no existing copies) on planetary motion. These are great resources for understanding the fundamentals of physics.

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