UK students can now apply for the regional heats and micro competitions of the 2014 UK Space Design Competition (UKSDC) – UK Space Design Competition – Regional & Micro Events – BIS :

Events have been confirmed in London, Cardiff, and Oxford between October and December. Full details of dates and locations can be found on the UKSDC website, and details of further events will be made available shortly.

UKSDC is an industry simulation challenge which offers students the chance to take part in a real design project that exposes them to the joys and challenges of working in a large team. They must work together to apply their science, problem-solving, and design skills to overcome the unique engineering challenges of building in space.

Their task is to design a space settlement for up to 10,000 inhabitants, taking into account everything from structural engineering and communications, to entertainment, food production, and material costs. They then present their final proposals to a panel of expert judges including representatives from industry, academia, and the UK Space Agency.

Regional heats offer teams of up to 12 students aged 15-18 (Years 10-13) to earn a place at the UK final held at Imperial College London in March. From there they can go on to win a place at the international final held at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Micro competitions, for 11-14 year olds (Years 7-9), are a new standalone addition to UKSDC that will run alongside the regional heats, and allow younger students to experience the thrill of the competition in a 12-hour version of the event. Any university students, staff, or professionals interested in supporting the Competition as a technical expert, judge, or company CEO should visit or contact Dr Fiona Larner (

The UK Space Design Competition is organised by the Space Science & Engineering Foundation, and supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Full details can be found on the UKSDC website, and all queries should be addressed to