Commercial spaceflight symposium – Haarlem, Netherlands

Here’s an announcement of an upcoming symposium in the Netherlands on private spaceflight:

Private Commercial Spaceflight in the 21st Century: Vehicles and Payload

Date: Sept. 5, 2013

Location: Teylers Museum, Haarlem

Symposium organized by AlphaSparks Space Transportation and NVR.

Preliminary Programme

12:45-13:10     Welcome

13:10-13:15     Introduction –  AlphaSparks / NVR

13:15-14:00     SXC/XCOR Lynx I and Lynx II flights – H. van Hulten (SXC)

14:00-14:45     SpaceShipTwo suborbital flights – K. Stephens (Virgin Galactic)

14:45-15:30     Swiss Space Systems  – P. Jaussi (Swiss Space Systems)

15:30-15:45     Break

15:45-16:30     Regulating commercial spaceflight in the EU –  M. Gerhard (EASA)

16:30-17:15     Brokering payload for spaceflight – A. Wielders / R. Schonenborg (AS)

17:15-17:30     End of the symposium

Target audience:  potential customers of commercial private spaceflight and space professionals in general

Registration fee: € 25,= (including 21% VAT)

Please register before August 30th by email to You will receive payment instructions with your confirmation email.

With support from NSO and SpaceNed.

The venue of the symposium is the oldest museum of the Netherlands: The Teylers Museum.


See also the Private Spaceflight Symposium flyer (pdf) at Dutch Dimensions | NASA – A Human Adventure Exhibition