Copenhagen Suborbitals: Video on “How to don a DIY Spacesuit”

Copenhagen Suborbitals posts this video about the recent space suit work:

This video presents an in-depth and detailed process of donning and operating a DIY suit — almost uncut.

Observe the very first try of donning the Copenhagen Suborbitals DIY spacesuit invented by Cameron Smith. The suit was brought to Copenhagen Aug 2013 by Cameron Smith and John Haslett for demonstration and further on-site seat and capsule interior design development.

This version of the suit is a proof of concept and a next generation suit will be created when John and Cameron returns to the US.

Update: Here is a related post with lots of pictures of the CS guys putting on and wearing Smith’s suit: Donning the DIY Suit – Space Suit Session Day 03 – Wired Science

Update 2: A video update on the space suit testing: