Satellite going to space with pop-art whimsy

The Scottish based company Clyde Space will be launching their first Cubesat in the near future. To highlight this milestone, they asked LA based artists Jon Gibson and Amanda White to create some artwork decoration. They took up the challenge and decided to engraved the side of the spacecraft so that it looks like “an oversized electrical charging device” : World’s first pop-art satellite headed to space – AP/Yahoo!.

“If someone is going to invade our planet, presumably they’re going to come in some sort of electronic, electricity-powered ship,” Gibson notes whimsically. “Maybe this will make them stop for a moment and say, ‘These guys are nice. We’re not going to destroy their planet.'”

This short video shows off the satellite side panel created by Gibson/White:

This is definitely not the first artwork to go into space, however. See the HobbySpace Art in Space section for several examples of art sent to space and created in space.