Watching the sky for satellites with a looking-down viewer

A reader was interested in Satellite Observing and wondered if I knew of any looking-down style telescope devices like that used in Project Moonwatch during the 1950s:


Such a system is much more comfortable for long observations, especially for those with back problems that make upward viewing difficult and painful.

I noted there were compact  telescopes with bent eyepieces such as this Orion TableTop Refractor Telescope. However, he pointed out that these had narrow fields of view.

Fortunately, he later found the Sky Window apparatus that combines binoculars with an adjustable mirror:

Allows observer to be seated while “looking down” at the sky in total comfort.

Keeps binoculars fixed at a “microscope” angle while observing from horizon to zenith. Observer’s head never moves ! Only Sky Window® can do this !!

It works with “most modern  binoculars with Standard 1/4-20 spindle tripod port ( adapter for Celestron giants and custom fit available)”. Check it out if this would suit your satellite observing style.