Colliers Magazine space series reproduction – issue number 3

In case you missed it, the AIAA Houston Section released the  Horizons Newsletter issue for Nov/Dec 2012 (pdf, 49MB) with the third installment of their planned full reproduction of all eight issues of Colliers magazine published between March 1952 and April 1954 with articles on space. The writers included Wernher von Braun, Willy Ley and other space notables of the time. The wonderful illustrations were created by Chesley Bonestell, Fred Freeman and Rolf Klep.

The covers of the space issues:

Colliers space issues

In addition to the Horizons team, the project includes Scott Lowther.

The third issue is described as follows:

October 25, 1952: More About Man on the Moon
The Exploration, pp. 38-40, 44-48, Dr. Fred Whipple & Dr. Wernher von Braun
Inside the Lunar Base, pg. 46, Willy Ley

A sample of the art:

Colliers Magazine, Oct. 25, 1952, pp.38-39
Colliers Magazine, Oct. 25, 1952, pp.44-45

The two Horizons issues with the first two installments of the Colliers series can be found here.