Bob Zimmerman on John Batchelor Show – Jan. 22, 24, 2013

Bob Zimmerman reports on the latest space news during regular weekly slots (usually Tuesday and Thursdays) on the John Batchelor radio program. See the iTunes free Podcast for links to the latest shows. Here are links and summaries for his most recent appearances on the show:

Tuesday, 01/22/13 – Batchelor Fourth Hour | John Batchelor Show:

[…] robotic mission to ISS, private space enterprise to mine asteroids. The plans and proposed launch schedule of the new asteroid mining company, Deep Space Industries.  They aim to do their work using cubesats, which will keep everything cheap and simple, with the first launches by 2015, and the first sample return missions by 2016. Their new manufacturing technology appears to be a variation of 3D printing, though the descriptions so far released remain vague on details.

[…] deep worry for Kepler: Even as the Kepler mission struggles to survive, the science team has released its entire database of exoplanet candidates to the public.

Thursday 01/24/13 Batchelor Fourth Hour | John Batchelor Show:

[…] Science: 1. A research plane has crashed in Antarctica, three missing. New balloon record in Antarctica.  Balto 1925: the Anti-Balto, 2013: The polio virus has spread from Pakistan to Egypt.

[…] manned space:  Opportunity celebrates its 9th anniversary.  1. Structural braces are being added to the first Orion capsule because of the cracks found.  2. Chinese space program gets speeded up?  3. Russia is threatening to abandon Baikonur because of demands made by Kazakhstan.