The Space Show this week – May.2.2023

The guests and topics of discussion on The Space Show this week:

1. Tuesday, May 2, 2023; 7 pm PST (9 pm CST, 10 pm EST): We welcome Dave Barnhart, CEO of Arkisys, will discuss transitioning from a single use to multi-use economy and what that means for space

2. Hotel Mars – Wednesday, May 3, 2023; 1:00 pm PST (3:00 pm CST, 4:00 pm EST):  Laura Montgomery, space law specialist, will update John Batchelor and David Livingston on space policy, law, Artemis, and more.

3. Friday, May 5, 2023; 9:30-11 am PST (11:30 am-1 pm CST, 12:30-2 pm EST): We welcome Gianni Martire and Luke Sellers to discuss their new paper, which you can find on the blog for this program, that looks at new tools for SETI searches such as the LIGO gravitational wave detector.

4. Sunday, May 7, 2023; 12-1:30 pm PST (2-3:30 pm CST, 3-4:30 pm EST):  John Strickland is back with us to talk about the SpaceX Starship, energy and more. Don’t miss it.

Some recent shows:

**  Monday, May.1.2023: Aggie Kobrin and Rod Pyle of the National Space Society (NSS) came back to the program to discuss the NSS’s upcoming ‘s  Int. Space Development Conference (ISDC 2023) during  May 25-28 in Frisco, Texas.

** Sunday, Apr.30.2023Dr. David Livingston led an Open-Lines call-in discussion with Space Show listeners starting “with a great call about O2 scrubber technology, plus lots of calls on Starship, enviornmental conceerns and more“.

** Friday, Apr.28.2023Dr. Matthew Weinzierl of the Harvard Business School “discussed commercial space economics, Matt’s Harvard classes relating to commercial space and economics plus his students, student interest in space, space as a long term play vs. short term economic news“.

** Hotel MarsWednesday, Apr.26.2023Rick Fisher, Asian strategy and space policy expert, talked with John Batchelor and David Livingston about “the recent Starship Demo flight in the context of China developing its own Super Heavy reusable rocket, the Long March 9 (LM-9)“.

** Sunday, Apr.23.2023Dr. Erika Nesvold talked about “ethics, space settlement, and living in space“.

** Friday, Apr.21.2023Tim Cash

went over the known details for the initial Starship demo test from April 20, discussing potential problems, possible remedies and rocket modifications. Furthermore, Tim talked about his passion in detail, space solar power. Starship modifications and the potential impact on lunar and Mars timelines were also discussed as was the rocket’s acoustic damage at launch to the engines and the pad.

** Tuesday, April.18.2023Dr. Robert Zubrin discussed his new book, The Case For Nukes [Amazon commission link] and “nuclear power and why, invention and progress, SSP, nuclear propulsion and much more“.

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The Space Show - David Livingston
The Space Show – Dr. David Livingston

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