Night sky highlights for March 2023

** What’s Up: March 2023 Skywatching Tips from NASA – NASA JPL

What are some skywatching highlights in March 2023?

Following their close approach in the sky on March 1, Venus and Jupiter go their separate ways. Venus climbs higher each evening, while Jupiter exists the morning sky at month’s end. And those with binoculars of a small telescope can seek out dwarf planet Ceres, which is at its brightest this month.

0:00 Intro
0:13 Moon & planet highlights
0:59 Dwarf planet Ceres at opposition
3:20 March Moon phases

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** Tonight’s Sky: March 2023 – Space Telescope Science InstituteTonight’s Sky

In March, the stars of spring lie eastward: Look for the constellations Gemini and Cancer to spot interesting celestial features like star clusters M35 and the Beehive Cluster, and NGC 3923, an oblong elliptical galaxy with an interesting ripple pattern. Keep watching for space-based views of the galaxies.

** What to see in the night sky: March 2023BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Astronomers Pete Lawrence and Paul Abel reveal their pick of March’s night-sky highlights, including the 1st March Venus and Jupiter conjunction, dwarf planet Ceres at opposition, conjunctions with the Moon, and stars Castor and Pollux.

** Sky & Telescope’s Sky Tour Podcast – March 2023 – Sky & Telescope Youtube

Our monthly Sky Tour #astronomy #podcast provides an informative and entertaining 10-minute guided tour of the nighttime sky. Listen to the March episode and mark the #equinox, watch a spectacular pairing of #Jupiter and #Venus, spent some time with #Orion, and learn what #Sirius has to do with hot #summers.

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** What’s in the Night Sky March 2023 – Ramadan Moon | Venus-Jupiter ConjunctionAlyn Wallace

00:00 Intro
00:47 Venus-Jupiter Conjunction
01:56 Orion and friends
02:53 Milky Way core
04:21 Ramadan Moon
05:08 Full Moon
05:19 Equinox
05:52 Zodiacal Light
07:32 WITNS Winners

** Night Sky Notebook March 2023Peter Detterline

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