Commercial activity and opportunity in cislunar space – a report & podcast

The Cislunar Market Opportunities Report: In-Space Business within the Earth-Moon System was  recently released by NewSpace Global. I was the primary analyst on the report, which surveys a wide array of commercial activities and opportunities within  cislunar space, i.e. the region from low Earth orbit to the Moon, including the lunar surface.

The particular focus of the report is on those commercial sectors that support activities in space rather than those that deliver services to earth. In-space businesses include, for example, satellite servicing and space tugs in earth orbit and communications and navigation satellites around the Moon. Such endeavors constitute an in-space infrastructure that is forming and expanding before our eyes.

The Cislunar Market Opportunities Report: In-Space Business within the Earth-Moon System

I’ve followed commercial space development closely since the 1990s yet even I’m quite surprised by the current boom in cislunar endeavors. I initially planned just a brief update on a cislunar report I wrote in 2019  but soon realized that there had been major progress since then. Rather than just concepts and plans, in almost every sector there are companies with hardware already in space or with hardware in preparation for upcoming missions to space. It took 161 pages to describe the full scope of what is happening.

I discussed the report on the  Space Economy podcast with Marc Boucher, who is the President and COO of Multiverse Media Group LLC, which now owns NewSpace Global. (Dylan Taylor is the founder and chairman of Multiverse.) Check out our discussion: Insight Into the Cislunar Market Opportunities Report – SpaceQ

When we were finalizing the report, a big challenge was deciding when to stop incorporating the seemingly continuous in-flow of news and announcements of cislunar developments. Here is a sampling of cislunar in-space business news since the report was published:

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