The Space Show this week – Oct.17.2022

The guests and topics of discussion on The Space Show this week:

1. Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022; 7 pm PST (9 pm CST, 10 pm EST): We welcome back Dr. John Bossard to discuss his ongoing work on his Turborocket engine.

2. Hotel Mars – Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022; 1:00 pm PST (3:00 pm CST, 4:00 pm EST): TBD. Check the Upcoming Show Menu at for  updates on scheduling.

3. Friday, Oct.21, 2022; 9:30-11 am PST (11:30 am-1 pm CST, 12:30-2 pm EST): We welcome back John Strickland on multiple timely and important topics.

4. Sunday, Oct.23, 2022; 12-1:30 pm PST (2-3:30 pm CST, 3-4:30 pm EST): We welcome OPEN LINES for you to discuss what is on your mind. Give us a call at 1-866-687-7223. We want to hear from you.

Some recent shows:

** Sunday, Oct.16.2022Dr. Erik Seedhouse talked about his latest updated SpaceX/Elon Musk book [Amazon commission link], “Musk, Starship, SLS, and much more“.

** Friday, Oct.14.2022Dr. Charles Cockell discussed his new book, Taxi from Another Planet: Conversations with Drivers about Life in the Universe [Amazon commission link].

** There was no Hotel Mars broadcast during the week of Oct. 9-15.

** Sunday, Oct.9.2022Frank Slazer, CEO of the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration, “talked SLS, Starship, public and private programs, evaluating a launcher, markets and much more“.

** Friday, Oct.7.2022Dr. Joel Sercel spoke

about his company TransAstra. Multiple topics were discussed regarding the TransAstra plan and the big picture Joel strives for. Sustainability, ethics, business decision making and much more were part of this program.

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The Space Show - David Livingston
The Space Show – Dr. David Livingston

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