The Space Show this week – May.30.2022

The guests and topics of discussion on The Space Show this week:

1. Tuesday, May. 31, 2022; 7 pm PST (9 pm CST, 10 pm EST): We welcome back Robert Zimmerman ( for news and updates you won’t hear anyplace else.

2. Hotel Mars – Wednesday, June. 1, 2022; 1:00 pm PST (3:00 pm CST, 4:00 pm EST): TBD. Check the Upcoming Show Menu at for updates on scheduling.

3. Friday, June.3, 2022; 9:30-11 am PST (11:30 am-1 pm CST, 12:30-2 pm EST): No show for Dr. Space birthday and studio updates and modifications.

4. Sunday, June.5, 2022; 12-1:30 pm PST (2-3:30 pm CST, 3-4:30 pm EST): Open Lines today. Lots to talk about. Join us. Call 1-866-687-7223.

Some recent shows:

** Sunday, May.29.2022Dr. Will Kinney, University of Buffalo professor of physics , discussed

his new book regarding the early cosmology and what might have happened before the Big Bang. His book, An Infinity of Worlds: Cosmic Inflation and the Beginning of the Universe [Amazon commission link], is a great read as I have been reading it in prep for this interview.

**  Friday, May.27.2022 – Dr. Matthew Weinzierl and Brendan Rosseau of Harvard Business School talked about “Harvard’s MBA commercial space courses [], students and commercial space, investment market, timelines, billionaires, tourism, settlement, a possible commercial space bubble and much more“.

** Hotel Mars – Thursday, May.26.2022Douglas Messier spoke with John Batchelor and Dr. David Livingston about “the successful demo flight of the Boeing Starliner CST 100 to the ISS, docking and safe return to White Sands“.

** Tuesday, May.24.2022John Bucknell, CEO of Virtus Solis Technologies, gave an update on Virtus Solis and discussed Space Solar Power and “ISDC solar programming, SSP and Virtus Solis publicity, demo tests, transmitting power, nuclear power, nuclear propulsion and more“.

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The Space Show - David Livingston
The Space Show – Dr. David Livingston

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