AMSAT & ISS amateur radio news

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ANS 146 Weekly AMSAT Bulletin – May 25, 2013:

* First picture from ESTCube-1 ham radio CubeSat
* NEE-01 Pegasus 910 MHz TV Camera in Action
* Ecuador Pegasus CubeSat fears over space debris crash
* Argentinian CubeSat CubeBug-1 was also hit by space debris.
* NASA History Program Office Fall 2013 Internships
* Registration for the 5th European CubeSat Symposium (3-5 June 2013)
* NASA Seeks Academic Partners for SmallSat Technology Collaboration
* Satellite Applications Catapult Hackathon
* Amateur Radio Satellites for Emergency Communications
* NASA looking for far-out ideas
* Update: Museum Ships Weekend Special Event Station KK5W Satellite Operations
* ARISS News
* Satellite Shorts From All Over