Night sky highlights for March 2022

** What’s Up: March 2022 Skywatching Tips from NASA – NASA JPL

What are some skywatching highlights in March 2022? Look for Saturn to join Venus and Mars in the morning sky around mid-month. In the evenings, find the Y-shaped constellation Taurus, the bull, high in the southwest. The Hyades star cluster forms the bull’s face. Then take a tour of four easy-to-find stars that have known planets of their own orbiting them.

0:00 Intro
0:11 Morning planets
0:37 Hyades star cluster
2:11 Easy to find exoplanets
3:30 Moon phases

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** Tonight’s Sky: MarchSpace Telescope Science InstituteTonight’s Sky

In March, the stars of spring lie eastward: Look for the constellations Gemini and Cancer to spot interesting celestial features like star clusters M35 and the Beehive Cluster, and NGC 3923, an oblong elliptical galaxy with an interesting ripple pattern. Keep watching for space-based views of the galaxies.

** What to see in the night sky: March 2022BBC Sky at Night Magazine

What can you see in the night sky tonight? Astronomers Pete Lawrence and Paul Abel reveal their night-sky highlights for March 2022.

** What’s in the Night Sky March 2022 #WITNS | Zodiacal Light | Equinox Alyn Wallace

00:00 Intro
00:50 Squarespace
01:39 Northern Hemisphere Night Sky
04:38 Southern Hemisphere Night Sky
07:23 Star Tracker Target
08:09 Moon
08:28 Equinox
09:17 Zodiacal Light
13:45 #WITNS Winners

** Night Sky Notebook March 2022Peter Detterline

What’s happening in the skies above for March 2022.


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