The Space Show this week – Aug.30.2021

The guests and topics of discussion on The Space Show this week:

1. Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021; 7 pm PDT (9 pm CDT, 10 pm EDT): We welcome back Dr. David Brin, sci-fi author, scientist and policy aficionado. He questions returning to the Moon!

2. Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2021: Hotel Mars TBA pre-recorded. See upcoming show menu on the home page for program details.

3. Friday, Sept. 3, 2021; 9:30-11 am PDT (11:30 am-1 pm CDT, 12:30-2 pm EDT): We welcome Roman Chiporukha of SpaceVIP for space tourism and space adventure travel.

4. Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021; 12-1:30 pm PDT (3-4:30 pm EDT, 2-3:30 pm CDT): No show today due to the U.S. Labor Day Holiday Weekend

Some recent shows:

** Tuesday, Aug.24.2021Stephanie Thomas talked about “Princeton Satellite Systems fusion development program, R&D plus fusion fuels, R&D, the fusion industry overview, fusion reactor performance specs and timelines, funding fusion and much more“.

** Hotel Mars – John Batchelor Show/The Space Show – Wednesday, Aug.25.2021Robert (Rob) Godwin talked with John Batchelor and Dr. David Livingston about “the overall Gemini 5 mission and lessons learned going forward on the march to the Moon”.

** Thursday, Aug.26.2021Jeff Shesol discussed his

new book, Mercury Rising: John Glenn, John Kennedy, and the New Battleground of the Cold War, John Glenn in-depth discussions, Mercury 7 detailed discussions, the Soviet space program, the U.S. program, Glenn in the senate, Glenn flies in the shuttle and more.

**Friday, Aug.27.2021Charles Precourt of Northrup Grumman discussed “Artemis, SLS, solid rocket boosters (SRBs), SRB propellant, lunar return timelines, human lunar lander, Gateway, Gateway lunar orbits, plus much more“.

**  Sunday, Aug.29.2021Dr. Paul Jaffe provided “a detailed SSP and Power Beaming discussion you must hear“.

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The Space Show - David Livingston
The Space Show – Dr. David Livingston

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