Space policy roundup – Aug.23.2021

A sampling of links to recent space policy, politics, and government (US and international) related space news and resource items that I found of interest (find previous space policy roundups here):

International space


** Workforce & Growth of Chinese Launch Companies, Shenzhou 12 Crew 2nd Spacewalk, Updates from SpacetyDongfang Hour – YouTube

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Dongfang Hour China Space News Roundup! A kind reminder that we cover many more stories every week in our Newsletter ( This week, we discuss:
1) The growth of Chinese launch companies measured in 2019-2020 workforce increase
2) Spacety and T4i Announce Collaboration
3) The second spacewalk (EVA) of the Shenzhou-12 crew

See summary at Dongfang Hour China Aerospace News Roundup 16 – 22 August 2021 – SpaceWatch.Global.

** A “Chinese New Shepard” by CAS Space, Round of Funding by Beijing Commercial Cargo StartupDongfang Hour – YouTube

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Dongfang Hour China Space News Roundup! A kind reminder that we cover many more stories every week in our Newsletter ( Also, many of the links mentioned in the episode are available there. This week, we discuss:
1) A Chinese New Shepard? CAS Space eyes space tourism
2) Chinese startup Interspace Explore raises “tens of millions” of RMB, plans commercial cargo spacecraft in 2022
3) Guangzhou adds Satellite Internet to 14th Five-Year Plan

See also the summary at Dongfang Hour China Aerospace News Roundup 9 – 15 August 2021 – part 2 – SpaceWatch.Global

** The Space Show – Tuesday, Aug.17.2021Michael Listner discussed “the legal definition of the term astronaut and government plus non-government astronaut classifications for private sector spaceflight participants“.

** Hotel Mars  – The John Batchelor Show/The Space Show,  Wednesday, Aug.18.2021Anatoly Zak of spoke with John Batchelor and Dr. David Livingston about

the recent Russian ISS docking problem with the NAKUA module that sent the ISS spinning and tumbling until it was corrected. Anatoly talked about the possible cause, the actual impact and risks on the ISS, plus later we addressed the continued ISS leak that persists. Anatoly was asked if there was a competence problem with Russian hardware and/or management. In addition, he talked about the age of the ISS and the possibility of metal fatigue. Don’t miss all of what our guest said on these issues during our 11 minute discussion.

** The Space Show – Wednesday, Aug.18.2021 – Rod Pyle and Martine Rothblatt came for this special show to talk about

 the Rothblatt Space Settlement In Our Lifetime Prize,  Martine was only with us for 30 minutes but during that time, she talked about why space settlement was important, her vision for space settlement plus her vision for digitizing human consciousness in the future.  This was an exciting 30 minutes as Martine painted an exciting future which is plausible as you will hear.  Let us know what you think of her vision so please post your thoughts on our blog.  Martine had time to respond to several listener questions a call before leaving.  You can follow the tags and key words to this program for more detailed on what she had to say.

** The Space Show – Friday, Aug.20.2021Kevin Rice discussed

financing various types of space projects, including the most innovative, risky and often even fringe concepts. We talked about financing concepts before financing a solid project. Our guest started out by talking about NASA projects and missions during his time he was at JPL. He said most of the calls were for mission types, not specific missions, then he explained the difference and the evolutionary process from general missions to a specific mission. This was a detailed discussion which was followed by a look at the processes use by the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works. …

** The Space Show – Sunday, Aug.22.2021John Huntbroke down the government unclassified UAP report delivered to the Senate last June. Lots of callers, much fun, seriousness as well so enjoy it“.

** The Space Cafe Podcast #034: John Mankins – Energy from orbit, new ways of propulsion and Star Trek type spaceships – SpaceWatch.Global

** Space Café WebTalk – Prof. Kazuto Suzuki – 15. June 2021 spacewatch. global – News Room – YouTube

During this week’s Space Café, SpaceWatch.Global publisher Torsten Kriening sat down with Professor of Science and Technology Policy at the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo, Japan, Kazuto Suzuki. Having received his PhD at the University of Sussex, Professor Suzuki has worked internationally as a strategic policy analyst and advisor in space and military space policy, with research positions at the University of Tsukuba and the Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique in Paris. He has also served as an expert in the Panel of Experts for the Iranian Sanction Committee under the United Nations Security Council and contributed to the drafting of the Basic Space Law of Japan. He now serves as a member of Sub-committees of industrial policy and space security policy of the National Space Policy Commission. This week, he and Torsten discuss his home country’s place in the space race, and how as a late-starter like Germany, Japan has become a leading, spacefaring launch country whose ambitious plans for debris removal could change the fate of space for good. …

** E71 – Flying Cars! The Case for Advanced Air Mobility Aerospace Corp Space Policy (Vimeo) – Center for Space Policy & Strategy (CSPS)

** August 20, 2021 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast – Behind The Black/Robert Zimmerman

** April 18, 2021 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast – Behind The Black/Robert Zimmerman


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