Space policy roundup – Aug.16.2021

A sampling of links to recent space policy, politics, and government (US and international) related space news and resource items that I found of interest (find previous space policy roundups here):

International space


** Chinese Commercial Spaceplane Startup Raises 300 mil. RMB of Funding, Hints on China’s Lunar LanderDongfang Hour – YouTube

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Dongfang Hour China Space News Roundup! A kind reminder that we cover many more stories every week in our Newsletter ( This week, we discuss:
1) Space Transportation Completes RMB300M Series A round of funding, reveals more info on hypersonic vehicle roadmap
2) Further hints that China is working on a lunar lander
3) China Eastern Begins Live TV In-Flight w/ Panasonic

See also the program summary at Dongfang Hour China Aerospace News Roundup 9 – 15 August 2021 – SpaceWatch.Global

** Episode 45: Analogizing Space to the Oceans as an Operational DomainSpace Thoughts (YouTube) – Space Law & Policy Solutions/Michael Listner

Discussing the comparison of outer space from the legal and operational perspective.

A blog post on analogizing outer space to the oceans in the context of space resources: https://spacethoughtsblog.wordpress.c…

The article in Seapower mentioned in this video:…

** Space Policy Edition: Mars via the Nuclear OptionPlanetary Society

Can nuclear propulsion fundamentally transform our ability to send humans to Mars? Bhavya Lal, a policy and nuclear engineering expert now working at NASA, helped write a new report on the topic for the National Academies of Sciences. She joins the show to talk about the advantages of various types of nuclear propulsion, the engineering and policy challenges that face them, and the role of government versus the private sector in developing and deploying transformational technologies.

** E70: Diversity & Inclusion Across the Nation’s FFRDCsAerospace Corp Space Policy (Vimeo) – Center for Space Policy & Strategy (CSPS)

** Space Café WebTalk – REGIONAL Benelux – 11. June 2021spacewatch. global – News Room – YouTube

Simon van den Dries is the General Manager at Spire Maritime. Spire is a space-to-cloud data and analytics company that specializes in the reaching of global data sets powered by a large constellation of nanosatellites. This past week, on 11th June 2021, space-interested students Bano Barzingi and Chiara Moenter, sat down with Simon in the Space Café BeNeLux to discuss his work at Spire, as well as the factors of space sustainability trends and the multitude of uses of data from space for a better future….

** 108 – Space Debris, Climate Change and Euthanasia for SatellitesConstellations, a New Space and Satellite Innovation Podcast / Constellations Podcast – YouTube

In previous episodes of Constellations Podcast, we’ve discussed a broad range of topics, among them space law, space sustainability, and on-orbit servicing. Today we’re going to see how these are not independent issues but an integrated framework of space concerns. And to take us through it all we have with us Carolyn Belle, Director of Advanced Systems at Astroscale U.S., a company focused on space sustainability. On today’s Constellations Podcast we’ll discuss how climate change and the Kesler effect can lead to a dramatic increase in space debris. We will also learn more about on-orbit satellite servicing, especially end-of-life and life extension services. Carolyn will also describe the growing integration of the space economy with the terrestrial economy and its resulting economic impact. As a big proponent of a more diverse space community…making it more accessible to others, Carolyn talks about STEM education, mentorship programs, and building a welcoming community for underrepresented groups in the space industry.

** August 13, 2021 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast – Behind The Black/Robert Zimmerman

** August 11, 2021 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast – Behind The Black/Robert Zimmerman


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