Space policy roundup – May.31.2021

A sampling of links to recent space policy, politics, and government (US and international) related space news and resource items that I found of interest (find previous space policy roundups here):

International space


** Episode 37 Viasat, FCC, NEPA and StarlinkSpace Thoughts (YouTube) – Space Law & Policy SolutionsMichael Listner

Link to the story in Space News:…

** China Launches Tianzhou-2 Cargo Spacecraft to Space Station, Zhurong Rover’s Deployment Prep – Ep 35  – Dongfang Hour – YouTube

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Dongfang Hour China Aero/Space News Roundup! Without further ado, the news update from the week of 24 – 30 May:

1) Launch of Tianzhou-2 Cargo Mission
2) China’s Efforts to ensure a successful deployment of Zhurong on the Martian ground
3) Euroconsult Webinar Takeaways

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See also the program summary: Dongfang Hour China Aerospace News Roundup 24 May – 30 May 2021 – SpaceWatch.Global.

**E61: New START Treaty Extension – What’s Next?Aerospace Corp Space Policy (Vimeo) – Center for Space Policy & Strategy (CSPS)

** Space Café WebTalk – Moriba’s Vox Populi – 8. April 2021spacewatch. global – News Room – YouTube

In this session of Space Cafè “Moriba’s Vox Populi #04” Dr. Moriba Jah talked about security concerns in near-earth space (mostly) and ideas on how we can develop operational protocols and practices to minimize misinterpretations that could lead to undesirable escalatory behaviours with

Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, seconded from the European Space Agency to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy,
Dr. Laura Grego, Senior Scientist in the Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists,
Artem Mokhnatkin, Junior Research Fellow for the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Dr Jinyuan Su, Institute of International Law, Wuhan University, China
Moriba’s Vox Populi is a disruptor in the current growing ocean of webcasts!

** Space Café WebTalk – Alexandre Vallet – 16. April 2021spacewatch. global – News Room – YouTube

During this week’s Space Café episode, SpaceWatch.Global publisher, Torsten Kriening brought his focus back to Switzerland, interviewing Alexandre Vallet, who is the Chief of the Space Services Department, which is part of the Radio Communications Bureau at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Based in Geneva, the ITU is one of the United Nations’ specialised agencies, facilitating the exchange of information and strengthening communications networks between countries. Their aim is to bring modern communication technologies to all people, everywhere in an efficient, safe, easy and affordable manner.

In his role at the UN and as a trained radio-frequency engineer with a career spanning two decades, Alexandre’s motto is that outer space knows no borders. His team works to ensure that satellite operators can use radio frequencies to deliver their services, providing emergency telecommunications in times of emergency and crisis, as well as advising countries and companies on regulation and policy.

** Space Café WebTalk – SUMMIT 02 – 15. April 2021 spacewatch. global – News Room – YouTube

Can regulation match innovation in a space race? 3 experts discuss

The space race never ended. In fact, it just got a whole lot faster

Space engineering has always been a fundamentally future thinking activity, but in recent years mass investment in the industry coupled with technological development has been like a shot in the arm. The stakes couldn’t be higher and, as a result, discussions around the industry’s future success, safety and viability are now more important than ever.

Underscoring all of these discussions is regulation, and the question of whether it can keep up.

During this week’s Space Cafe Summit, Occupy Space: Where are we going?, Markus Payer , SpaceWatch.Globals Editor-in-Chief had the chance to discuss the future of space with three space experts who are each leader in their field, Professor Pascale Ehrenfreund, Dr. Peter Martinez and Kenneth Hodgkins.

Watch it here to learn about regulation, safety, traffic management, settlements on Moon and Mars sectors, possible space wars, and both the optimism and scepticism that are defining the future of space.

** Lockheed Martin, General Motors Team Up to Develop Next-Generation Lunar Rover for NASA Artemis Astronauts to Explore the Moon – GM

A new generation of lunar rovers under development by Lockheed Martin and GM could be used by Artemis astronauts to extend and enhance the exploration of the surface of the moon.

** Hotel Mars at The John Bachelor Show/The Space Show – Wed.May.26.2021Marcia S. Smith spoke with John Batchelor and Dr. David Livingston about “the upcoming Russian ISS tourist flights plus two upcoming Crew Dragon flights, one to the ISS and one which will be a private flight to orbit Earth for three days“.

** The Space Show – Tuesday, May.26.2021Lisa La Bonte discussed “space in the Middle East, the Emirates, UAE, STEM programs and her NGO, plus lots more. This was a very informative program which included the Hope Mission now orbiting Mars and sending pictures back home.

** May 26, 2021 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

** SpaceX CRS-22: Research OverviewISS National Lab

On SpaceX CRS-22, more than a dozen payloads sponsored by the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory will launch to the orbiting laboratory. Payloads on this mission include fundamental and applied research from recognizable private-sector companies and leading academic institutions as well as research funded by other government organizations. To learn about all ISS National Lab-sponsored research on SpaceX CRS-22, please visit our mission overview page at


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