The Space Show this week – May.17.2021

The guests and topics of discussion on The Space Show this week:

1. Tuesday, May. 18 2021; 11:30 PDT (1:30 am CDT, 2:30 EDT) – Hotel Mars (Joint John Batchelor Show/Space Show program): Douglas Messier of Parabolic Arc will talk with John Batchelor and Dr. David Livingston about the latest news and issues regarding Virgin Galactic.

2. Tuesday, May. 18, 2021; 7 pm PDT (9 pm CDT, 10 pm EDT): We welcome back Chris Carberry of Explore Mars, Inc. for news and updates plus information on their current Mars programming and events.

3. Thursday, May. 20, 2021; 7-8:30 pm PDT (9-10:30 pm CDT, 10-11:30 pm EDT): No program.

4. Friday, May.21, 2021; 9:30-11 am PDT (11:30 am-1 pm CDT, 12:30-2 pm EDT): We welcome back Dr. Namrata Goswami for national security and policy space news, updates on the Chinese space program and more.

5. Sunday, May.23, 2021; 12-1:30 pm PDT (3-4:30 pm EDT, 2-3:30 pm CDT): We welcome back Dr. Shawna Pandya on space tourism space medicine, orbital construction related issues, and human medical factors in general.

Some recent shows:

** Sunday, May.16.2021Open Lines program covered “a wide range of topics including the latest Tic Tac video, gravity issues, pipeline hacking, electric cars, space mining and more”.

** Friday, May.14.2021John Jossy discussed various “hot” topics in the NewSpace and related worlds.

** Thursday, May.13.2021Frank White talked about “in detail the Fourth edition of his classic book, The Overview Effect [Amazon commission link]. New interviews, new information, a great discussion.

** Hotel Mars (John Batchelor Show/The Space Show)Dr. Jonathan McDowell spoke with John Batchelor and Dr. David Livingston about “the Chinese Long March 5B rocket design and the uncontrolled reentry which took place near the Maldives Islands“.

** Thursday, April.29.2021Rod Pyle and Aggie Kobrin or the National Space Society (NSS) discussed Ad Astra magazine’s Living In Space Special Issue which focuses on space settlement. The second part of our discussion addressed the all-virtual, free ISDC 2021 event scheduled for June 24-27, 2021. [Posting of this show was delayed due the need to repair audio problems with the recording.]

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The Space Show - David Livingston
The Space Show – Dr. David Livingston

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