Videos: “Space to Ground” + Other ISS reports – Jan.16.2020

Here is the latest episode in NASA’s Space to Ground weekly report on activities related to the International Space Station:

** Expedition 64 Inflight with Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Josh Dobbs – January 15, 2021

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 64 Flight Engineer Victor Glover of NASA discussed life and work aboard the complex with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Josh Dobbs during an in-flight event Jan. 15. Dobbs, who majored in aeronautical engineering at the University of Tennessee, and Glover answered questions provided by Pittsburgh-area students involved in local STEM activities. Glover, who arrived at the station in November aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon “Resilience”, is in the midst of a six-month mission on the complex.

** Top 20 Earth Images of 2020NASA Johnson

The men and women who live and work on the International Space Station take thousands of photographs of their home planet every year, and we asked the folks at the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit at NASA’s Johnson Space Center for a few of their favorites from 2020. Here are the top 20 from ’20, and you can check out the images for yourself at the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth(

** International Space Station NASA View With Map – 1505 – 2021-01-14Julian Danzer – YouTube

** SpaceX CRS-21 Dragon undocking and departure

The SpaceX Dragon CRS-21 cargo spacecraft autonomously undocked from the International Space Station, on 12 January 2021, 14:05 UTC (09:05 EST). The CRS-21 Dragon is loaded with about 2360 kg of scientific experiments and other cargo; and is expected to make its parachute-assisted splashdown around 01:14 UTC, on 13 January 2021 (12 January, 20:14 EST). The audio commentary is provided by NASA’s Public Affairs Officer Shaneequa Vereen. Credit: NASA/SpaceX

** Expedition 64 Inflight with CNBC – January 15, 2021NASA Video

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 64 Flight Engineers Kate Rubins and Mike Hopkins of NASA discussed life and work aboard the orbital outpost during an in-flight event Jan. 15 with CNBC’s Shepard Smith. Rubins, who arrived on the station last October on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and Hopkins, who few to the station last November on the SpaceX Crew Dragon “Resilience”, are in the midst of their respective six-month missions on the complex.

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