Videos: “Space to Ground” + Other ISS reports – Jan.9.2021

Here is the latest episode in NASA’s Space to Ground weekly report on activities related to the International Space Station:

** Down to Earth: The Astronaut’s Perspective – NASA

Ever wonder what it’s like to see our planet from space? NASA’s astronauts will take you on a journey to the International Space Station, exploring the life-changing experience of an orbital perspective. View Earth as you’ve never seen it before: through the eyes of an astronaut.

** Expedition 64 Cygnus 14 Release – January 6, 2021NASA Video

After a cargo delivery run lasting three months at the International Space Station, Northrop Grumman’s unpiloted Cygnus spacecraft was released from the Canadarm2 robotic arm Jan. 6 to begin a three-week free-flight in support of additional scientific objectives. Ground controllers sent commands to the robotic arm to enable Cygnus – named the SS Kaplana Chawla after the NASA astronaut who lost her life in the 2003 Columbia accident – to begin its journey away from the complex after it brought several tons of supplies and scientific experiments to the orbital outpost. Northrop Grumman flight controllers will monitor Cygnus’ flight for the next few weeks until it deorbits late this month to burn up harmlessly in the Earth’s atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean.

** Chasing SSTV signals from the International Space Stationicholakov

International Space Station beaming SSTV radio signals last week of December 2020. Using Software Defined Radio (SDR) to capture these ISS transmissions

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