Space policy roundup – Dec.14.2020

A sampling of links to recent space policy, politics, and government (US and international) related space news and resource items that I found of interest (find previous space policy roundups here):

International space


** Casey Dreier: Are Changes Coming to NASA/US Space Policy – Weekly Space Hangout: December 9, 2020

We are pleased to once again welcome Casey Dreier from the Planetary Society to the WSH. Casey will update us (as much as possible) about Space Policy changes that may occur once the new American Presidential administration takes office on January 20, 2021. As Chief Advocate, Casey is the public face of The Planetary Society’s efforts to advance planetary exploration, planetary defense, and the search for life. He educates and empowers the organization’s members to take political action. He writes, teaches, and speaks to The Society’s members, the public, and policymakers to impress upon them the importance, relevancy, and excitement of space exploration. Casey is committed to demystifying the politics and policy process behind space exploration for all audiences. He is a trusted source for journalists and has been featured in many publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Scientific American, Vox, and The Verge, to name a few. He also has appeared as an expert on BBC News and both seasons of National Geographic’s MARS series as a “MARS Big Thinker”. As Senior Space Policy Adviser Casey helps lead the strategic planning of The Society’s policy and advocacy efforts. He works closely with The Society’s leadership, its Board of Directors, and other policy experts to craft the organizational positions and goals regarding the future of space exploration. He provides trusted analysis of the budgetary, political, and policy decisions relating to space, pursues original research, and works collaboratively to generate policy ideas and guidance for the U.S. space program.

** The Space Show – Friday, Dec. 11, 2020Laura Montgomery reviewed “space law and policy in 2020 plus we looked ahead to space law and policy for 2021“.

** The Space Show – Sunday, Dec.13.2020Open Lines program with Dr. David Livingston leading a discussion on a wide range of topics with callers.

** EMSTA Seminar on space debris 2020#SpaceWatchGL opinion: Space Debris – 2020 Vision? Are we really looking after space? – SpaceWatch.Global

** China Aero & Space Weekly News Round-Up – Episode 11 (7th -13th Dec. 2020) –  Roundup 6 – Dec – 13 Dec 2020 – SpaceWatch.Global

Topics discussed:

  1. iSpace making progress in the development of Hyperbola 2
  2. Launch of Long March 11 with 2 CAS satellites
  3. Great article on C919 Suppliers
  4. National Radio and Television Administration Announcement
  5. Dongfang Hour reaches 100+ subscribers!

** Innovative Space ShowcaseAerospace Corp – Center for Space Policy & Strategy (CSPS)

** Ben Kaebe – How Are Australian Space Robotics Startups Being Helped by SpAARC?Cold Star Technologies – YouTube

The Australian Space Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Control Complex (SpAARC) in Perth is opening, and Dr. Ben Kaebe is its Technical Interface Manager. What will SpAARC do, and how will it help space startups? Join host Jason Kanigan on the Cold Star Project to find out. Jason asks Dr. Kaebe:
-how he ended up in Australia, having been born in Germany
-the vision for the complex and its user base
-the process and partners of developing SpAARC
-what Earth-based and space applications the facility will assist with
-what capabilities will be available first, and how the complex plans to grow.

** Space Café WebTalk – Mari Eldholm – 17. November 2020 – spacewatch. global – News Room – YouTube

In this week’s Space Cafè WebTalk, Mari Eldholm, the Director of NIFRO, Oslo, Norway, talked about Norway’s space ambitions from oil to orbit.

** December 8, 2020 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

** December 10, 2020 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast


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