Videos: “Space to Ground” + Other ISS reports – Nov.6.2020

Here is the latest episode in NASA’s Space to Ground weekly report on activities related to the International Space Station:

** Know Your Crew…One! – NASA Johnson

The astronauts who will fly the first operational Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station are trained up and ready to go. After many months of work together (for some of them, years) they know each other pretty well, so we asked them to prove it. Have a look as four astronauts who are about to spend six months in space together talk about what they’re expecting from life on the space station, and share their advice for the one among them who has never been there before.

** Crew-1 for All – NASA Johnson

The next SpaceX Crew Dragon to fly to the International Space Station will carry four astronauts on a mission known as Crew-1. What does that mean? Who better to explain the first operational mission of a commercial crew space vehicle than the people who will make it happen in space. Join the American and Japanese astronauts for a walk through the mission that opens a new era in human space exploration.

** Expedition 64 ISS 20th Anniversary On Orbit Crew News Conference – October 30, 2020NASA Video

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 64 Commander Sergey Ryzhikov of Roscosmos and Flight Engineers Kate Rubins of NASA and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov of Roscosmos discussed the upcoming 20th anniversary of a permanent human presence on the orbital laboratory and other elements of life and work in orbit during an in-flight news conference Oct. 30. After arriving on the station Oct. 14 for a six-month mission, the trio is gearing up to mark the anniversary on Nov. 2, the day in 2000 when NASA astronaut and Expedition 1 Commander Bill Shepherd and Russian cosmonauts Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev floated into the fledgling ISS to begin the unbroken human occupancy of the complex.

** International Space Station: 20 years in 60 secondsEuropean Space Agency, ESA

Monday 2 November 2020 marks 20 years of continuous human presence on the International Space Station. Relive a few memorable moments from the unique orbital outpost in this clip covering 20 years of the International Space Station in 60 seconds.Since Crew One took up residence on 2 November, 240 people including 18 ESA astronauts have lived and worked on the orbital outpost, carrying out essential research to benefit life on Earth.The next ESA mission to the International Space Station is set for 2021, when Thomas Pesquet will become the first European to fly on a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft for his Alpha mission.

** Fire, Lightning, and Crystals in Space: 20 Years on the ISS – SciShow Space

2020 marks two decades of people living and working about the ISS, and from fireballs to microgravity grown crystals, they’ve been keeping busy.

** How 20 Years of Life On The ISS Began With Expedition OneScott Manley

November 2nd 2000 was the day that 3 people arrived on the International Space Station and began living and working there. Since this time, there has always been a human presence in space, and I hope this continues, but it’s important to realise that even before this historic moment there were crews that worked to make the space station a place people could call home.

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