Space policy roundup – July.27.2020

A sampling of links to recent space policy, politics, and government (US and international) related space news and resource items that I found of interest (find previous space policy roundups here):

International space


** Episode 21 July 15th Russian Co-Orbital ASAT Test – Michael Listner, Space Law & Policy Solutions

Preliminary thoughts on the orbital ASAT test performed by the Russian Federation on July 15th.

** Space ethics explainer: What are the restrictions for outer space travel? – Afternoons – ABC Radio

As more nations send satellites and missions into the galaxy, new questions about space ethics are being raised.

Advances in space technology potentially open up whole new worlds for humans to explore.

But what are the rules to prevent those technologies from having negative outcomes in the cosmos.

Associate Professor of Ethics and Leadership at UNSW Canberra, Dr Stephen Coleman spoke to ABC Radio Canberra’s Paula Kruger about some of the difficult questions regarding space travel.

** Space Café WebTalk Recap: Niklas Hedman on Space Multilateralism – SpaceWatch.Global

In this week’s Space Cafè WebTalk, Niklas Hedman, Chief of the Committee, Policy and Legal Affairs Section of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) in Vienna talked about the governance phases under the 60 year history of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) and the “New Frontier” with increasing governance, commercial and scientific interests in planetary exploration, space resources, and planetary protection. The talk addressed the role of multilateralism in this “New Frontier” Era.

** E25 – What is Planetary Protection and Why Should We Care (Meg Abraham and Bhavya Lal) – Aerospace CSPS on Vimeo

** Michael Maloney – The Space Traffic Management PhantomCold Star Technologies – YouTube

Michael Maloney of Satellite Design for Recovery returns to the Cold Star Project, and we’re continuing our discussion of the problems in space traffic management. While many people think STM is already figured out, the truth is this is a phantom idea. Current systems are cobbled together and do not represent a serious solution to the problem. With host Jason Kanigan, Michael discusses:

– what space traffic management is and why we need it – how we can measure capacity and utilization in STM
– why Air Traffic Control can be used as a model in developing a functional STM solution
– what limits there are in executing a Space Traffic Management program
– a future path to STM including better Space Situational Awareness, mitigation of space debris, and timely remediation.

Satellite Design for Recovery website:

** The Space Show – Sun. July.26.2020Dr. Michael Gleason of the Aerospace Corp talked about his new paper, The Value of Space.

** The Space Show – Fri. July.24.2020Steven Wolfe discussed “space settlement, the new Beyond Earth Institute and more on the settlement issue”.

** The Space Show – Mon. July.20.2020Rand Simberg “was welcomed back for a two segment 91 minute discussion about Apollo 11 and the entire Apollo program, the significance of the ceremony he and others created, Evoloterra ( plus a commercial space and property rights update”.

** July 21, 2020 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast | Behind The Black

** July [25] 2020 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast | Behind The Black


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