Video: Launch of the HOPE Mars Mission [Updated]

7:58  pm EDT: The upper stage firing went as planned and the probe was successfully deployed. Communications with the vehicle have been established and the solar panels were deployed. The spacecraft’s next job is to use its attitude thrusters to orient itself so as to maximize power generation from the sun. The probe will reach Mars next February.  After going into orbit, the spacecraft’s instruments will study the atmosphere and weather on the Red Planet.

6:31  pm EDT: The launch has succeeded so far in reaching low earth orbit. The upper stage with the probe is now in a coast period before the stage will fire its engine for 4 minutes to send the Hope probe on its route to Mars. The stage will then separate from the probe soon after the engine boost ends. The firing should start at around 6:54 pm EDT (22:54 UTC).

The countdown is nearing liftoff for the  launch of the UAE Hope orbiter mission to Mars on a Japanese H-IIA rocket from the Tenaghashima Space Centre in Japan. Below is the webcast.

5:35 pm EDT: Currently all systems are green for liftoff at 5:38 pm EDT.

Updates and background info:

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