Videos: Night sky highlights for May 2020

[ Update 2: What’s Up: May 2020 – Skywatching Tips from NASA JPL

What astronomy highlights can you see in the sky in May 2020? Venus, Sirius and the Milky Way. With so many of us staying home these days, here’s a look into the sky at dusk and dawn with an eye toward the vast stretches of wide open space right above our heads. Additional information about topics covered in this episode of What’s Up, along with still images from the video, and the video transcript, are available at… Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

UpdateSkywatch: What’s happening in the heavens in May – The Washington Post.


** Tonight’s Sky: Space Telescope Science Institute – YouTube

In May, we are looking away from the crowded, dusty plane of our own galaxy toward a region where the sky is brimming with distant galaxies. Locate Virgo to find a concentration of roughly 2,000 galaxies and search for Coma Berenices to identify many more. Keep watching for space-based views of galaxies like the Sombrero Galaxy, M87, and M64.

** What’s in the Night Sky May 2020Alyn Wallace – YouTube

** What to see in the night sky: May 2020BBC Sky at Night Magazine – YouTube

Pete Lawrence and Paul Abel guide us through May’s stargazing highlights.

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