Video: X-51A test flight

A video of last week’s successful X-51 scramjet test flight: The X-51A soars to new heights – Boeing

Update: More about the flight from Michael Belfiore : X-51A Screams to Hypersonic Success: A nine-year development effort has finally paid off to create air-breathing planes that can hit Mach 5 and above. PM gets an update from program officials about what this means to the future of flight – Popular Mechanics – May.9.13.

2 thoughts on “Video: X-51A test flight”

  1. It’s funny that the video of the X-51 successful test is actually just a video of a rocket working normally. For the forth time in this program.

  2. Yes, they certainly don’t emphasize the fact that it is the booster that is firing in the video and not the scramjet engine.

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