Videos: Night sky highlights for December 2019

** What’s Up: December 2019 – Skywatching Tips from NASA JPL

What can you see in the December sky? Beautiful pairings of planets and the crescent Moon throughout the month, at sunrise and sunset. Here’s where and when to look to see Venus, Saturn and Mars. Additional information about topics covered in this episode of What’s Up, along with still images from the video, and the video transcript, are available at… . Credit: NASA-JPL/Caltech

** Tonight’s Sky: December 2019Space Telescope Science Institute

Step outside on a cold December night when the stars shine bright to find the Big Dipper, Cassiopeia, and Cepheus. They will help you locate a binary star system, a fan-shaped open star cluster, and a variable star. Stay tuned for space-based views of a ragged spiral galaxy, an open star cluster, and an edge-on galaxy.

** What’s in the Night Sky December 2019Alyn Wallace

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