Space policy roundup – July.3.2019

A sampling of links to recent space policy, politics, and government (US and international) related space news and resource items that I found of interest:


** Roundtable | NASA’s Project Artemis and their plans to settle the moon –

This week we have special guest Manju Bangalore along with Cariann, Jared and Jade return for our first round table in a while to talk about NASA”s plan to colonize the moon. We dive specifically in to their Project Artemis.

** Space Debris, Mega Constellations and the Orbital Highway – Constellations, a New Space and Satellite Innovation Podcast: 53

When it comes to space debris, regulations may help with prevention but not the cure. Yet, how do you attempt to regulate something that nobody really owns? Listen to Chris Blackerby discuss how Astroscale has been leading the conversation in terms of policy, technology and who should pay for prevention. Chris talks about regulations that would give the ability to go up and de-orbit debris that has been rotating for years. He describes building capabilities into satellite design that would enable easy removal out of orbit. Although the probability is low, an exploration of how services throughout the world might be affected by a high impact collision is also discussed.

** The Space Show – Mon, 07/01/2019Aggie Kobrin and Rod Pyle summarize ISDC 2019 and discussed “ISDC 2020 plans, NSS, space policy, Ad Astra article submission, international student participation, exceptional keynote speakers, and more”.

** The Space Show – Tue, 07/02/2019Dr. John Jurist talked about “space policy, the Moon, rockets, Mars, the Gateway, NASA, budgets, China and much more”.



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