The Space Show this week – May.13.2019

The guests and topics of discussion on The Space Show this week:

1. Monday, May 13, 2019; 7 pm PDT (9 pm CDT, 10 pm EDT): This is a special program welcoming John Jossy, Kim Holder, and Rick Kwan who will talk about the innovate and cutting edge NewSpace technologies presented and discussed at Space Access 2019. This includes the exciting innovation going on in the commercial space entrepreneurial community.

2. Tuesday, May 14, 2019; 7-8:30 pm PDT (9-10:30 pm CDT, 10-11:30 pm EDT): We welcome back Dr. Robert Zubrin to discuss his new book, The Case for Space: How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens Up a Future of Limitless Possibility, plus his recent op-ed editorials. .

3. Wednesday, May 15, 2019; Hotel Mars. See Upcoming Show Menu and the website newsletter for details. Hotel Mars is pre-recorded by John Batchelor. It is archived on The Space Show site after John posts it on his website.

4. Friday, May 17, 2019; 9:30-11 am PDT (11:30 am -1 pm CDT; 12:30-2 pm EDT): We welcome back Dr. Linda Spilker of JPL to wrap up Cassini and more.

5. Sunday, May 19 2019; 12-1:30 pm PDT (3-4:30 pm EDT, 2-3:30 pm CDT): We welcome Emily Carney to the show regarding Space Hipsters, which she co-founded.

Recent shows:

** Fri, 05/10/2019Professor Madhu Thangavelu of USC spoke about “lunar return policy & mission needs/planning, ISDC Moon Track, using space for better living on Earth and much more”.

** Wed, 05/08/2019Dr. David Kipping talked about “finding exomoons, candidate Kepler 1625B, exoplanets and more”

** Tue, 05/07/2019Robert Zimmerman discussed “a variety of topics starting with the smallsat industry with launchers and ending with comments about the Boeing 737 Max and possible Boeing space impact”.

** Mon, 05/06/2019Dr. Greg Autry talked about “the upcoming ISDC Conference, space budgets, spending and the US national debt, and the Chinese space and lunar policy plus US concerns about China and space and the Mon”.

** Sun, 05/05/2019 – Talked with  Leonard David and then followed with an open lines discussion with listeners. Topics covered included “Leonard’s new book “Moon Rush: The New Space Race, policy and budget challenges for returning to the Moon, presidential candidates and space policy, Navy-Air Force UFO policy reporting changes and more”.

** Wed, 04/24/2019John Batchelor and Dr. David Livingston talked with Rand Simberg about “Returning to the Moon by 2024”.

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The Space Show - David Livingston
The Space Show – David Livingston