Space policy roundup – April.22.2019

A sampling of links to recent space policy, politics, and government (US and international) related space news and resource items that I found of interest:


** Episode T+119: Dr. John Charles – Main Engine Cut Off – “Dr. John Charles spent nearly 33 years at NASA—most recently as Chief Scientist of the Human Research Program—working on human spaceflight through Shuttle, Mir, ISS, and beyond. He lead missions such as STS-95 (John Glenn’s Shuttle flight), STS-107, and the Twins Study with Scott and Mark Kelly. He retired from NASA in February 2018 and is now the Scientist in Resident at Space Center Houston. We talk about his career, the human spaceflight issues he worked and solved in his time at NASA, and the things that need to be solved for the exploration of the Moon, Mars, and beyond.”

** The Space Show – Tue, 04/16/2019 – David Livingston led a discussion among listeners about “the 2024 lunar timetable, FH [Falcon Heavy] barge recovery, Griffith Observatory public interest”.

** April 18, 2019 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast | Behind The Black


Come Fly with Us: NASA’s Payload Specialist Program (Outward Odyssey: A People’s History of Spaceflight)