Videos: SpaceX Crew Dragon Demonstration-1 launch

Below are videos and images of the launch early this morning of the SpaceX Falcon 9 with the Crew Dragon for the Demonstration 1 mission (DM-1). (Will add more videos as they become available). The first stage landed successfully on a platform in the Atlantic. The Dragon is scheduled to dock with the ISS at around 6 am EST Sunday, Feb.3rd. Watch the rendezvous and docking live starting at 3:30 am EST (0830 UTC) on the .

[ Update: Post-launch briefing:

A second passenger aboard the Crew Dragon enjoys weightlessness:


The complete SpaceX/NASA joint webcast:

The first stage just after landing:

A preview video of the launch system on the pad:

A video tour of the interior of the interior:

More about the Crew Dragon:

A view of preparations for the mission:

An animation of how the Dragon will catch up with the  International Space Station:

Some screen captures during the countdown and launch:

Just after the first stage (left) and second stage (right) separated and the second stage engine began firing.
Test dummy Riley in the Dragon interior.
The Falcon 9 and the Crew Dragon on the pad before the launch.
View of pad about 5 minutes before scheduled liftoff.


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