Videos: The Nexø II story + The Mars Helicopter + Commercial Crew test flights + Dream Chaser update

More videos:

** The full story of the Nexø II mission August 2018 – Highlights of the recent rocket launch by the all-volunteer Copenhagen Suborbital group:

On August 4th 2018 we successfully launched the Nexø II rocket. Nexø II is Copenhagen Suborbitals most advanced rocket to date. In this video we show you the complete story will all the highlights of the mission. Enjoy! 

** Mars Helicopter – 21st Annual International Mars Society Convention – J. Bob Balaram of NASA JPL reports on the Mars Helicopter, which will travel to the Red Planet on the  Mars 2020  rover mission when it launches in July 2020:

** NASA Commercial Crew: The Flight Tests – A brief item about the initial test flights by Boeing and SpaceX of the systems for taking crews to the International Space Station

** SpaceX Cargo Dragon leaves the ISS

** Dream Chaser Space Vehicle update from Sierra Nevada on preparations for first ISS cargo flight in 2020: