Videos: SpaceX’s Mars plans + SpaceX spacesuits + Boeing’s Starliner crew vehicle + NASA needs reusable rockets

** Paul Wooster of SpaceX talked at the recent Mars Society conference about the company’s plans for sending people to Mars by 2024:

** SpaceX’s Spacesuit, up close and personal – Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut, describes SpaceX spacesuits during a recent visit to the company’s HQ in Hawthorne, California:

See Up close and personal with SpaceX’s space suit – Everyday Astronaut for lots of photos.

** What it’s like to fly the Boeing Starliner CST-100 Spaceship – Dodd also recently tried out a Boeing Starliner crew capsule:

** NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine this week gave a strong endorsement of low cost reusable, commercial space transport systems, which can make a robust lunar program affordable:

More at NASA head hints that reusable rocket cos. like SpaceX will enable Moon return – Teslarati.